Original Research


Here are some of the things
we have researched so far...

• International Qualitative  Market Research Studies

• Efficiency Benchmarking

• Feature-based ROI research

• User Interface Friction research

• User Experience Friction Research

• Creative Potential Research

• App Store Maturity Research



Contact:  research@pfeifferreport.com



Some of our clients and research partners


Research is a funny thing,  there is so much data available today that you might think, if I start looking properly  I'll find data on pretty much anything... But then you realize, that this isn't necessarily true, that there are many areas that haven't really been researched, perhaps simply because it isn't that easy, because we don't have the right research framework, or the right concepts.

We started researching issues nobody else seemed to have any data about 18 years ago. At the time, no one seemed to be able to quantify the differences between computer operating systems, so we started digging a bit deeper — and guess what, we found a lot of things that were measurable and quantifiable:
user interface friction, menu latency, mouse precision, efficiency…

What we are interested in are insights, not millions of data points. When we conduct a research project, we try to understand what is really going on, not only find out what is trending.

It may be an unusual approach... But it has given us results that don't exist anywhere else.

You can download some of our research reports here


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